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Asda is a British supermarket chain, and they pride themselves on being able to offer quality products at a low price. Every week you will find special Asda deals, and there are always new specials being added. You can browse the current Asda magazine and leaflet from the 23/07/2024 and browse the new Asda offers this week, as well as any upcoming Asda offers here.

If you love saving money at the grocery store, you will love the Asda sales that are always happening, and you will be pleased with just how much you can save with the Asda sales online, which are always available on their websit. If like so many, you love the different Asda sales, you can check out the current brochure called "Asda - Weekly offers".

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Asda has a simple yet effective slogan – Save Money. And this is exactly what you will do when you shop at the Asda sales. Asda is a British supermarket chain that was originally called Associated Dairies (hence the name), and they were founded in 19498 by the Asquith Family in Southern England. They have two subsidiary companies – Netto and Asda Mobile. Currently, there are over 630 stores in the UK, 339 of which are considered to be Asda Superstores. Most stores are open from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday, with slightly reduced hours on Sundays. If you are wanting to find one of their stores, they are located at the following locations: London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Portsmouth and more.

You can shop in-store or select ‘click and collect’, and your groceries will be bagged for you by a staff member for you to pick up. Some stores even have curbside pickup, so you don’t even have to leave your car to go shopping and save money. You can find out more and browse the amazing Asda sales online on their official website (UK). Those who love shopping around for deals can compare the Asda deals with the other Groceries, and similar stores include the following: Aldi, Tesco, Lidl, Booker Wholesale, Sainsbury's, Bestway, Waitrose, Morrisons, B&M and Spar.

At Asda you will find a wide selection of products


Asda sells all the grocery items that you would expect to find from a leading grocery retailer, and they stock all of the leading brands that you know and love. They also have their own exclusive self-labelled brand which they can sell at an extra special price. Any product that displays the Asda brand you know will be of good quality and at the absolute best price. You will find the Asda brand throughout the entire store, from the pantry staples to the fresh produce and even some of the clothing and home décor products. You can find out more and check out the latest products that Asda has on sale with their catalogue Asda - Weekly offers.

Asda is a shop for the entire family, and products that they sell include groceries and food products, toys, baby products and accessories, tyres and automobile products and even optical products such as glasses and contact lenses if you go to an Asda optician store.

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