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Maplin is a firm believer in a world where connecting people with brilliant technology improves lives. They exist to bring those concepts to customers.

Maplin has you covered for everything from voice-controlled light bulbs to Esports and Raspberry Pi. Maplin's goal is to provide solutions that make people's lives easier. Electronics, CCTV, Gaming, Computing, and other product categories are available in the Maplin Catalogue online.

You can browse the Maplin catalogue online from the 27/06/2024 and check out Maplin offers and sales here.

The Maplin Way


Maplin Electronics is an online retailer of electronic goods in the United Kingdom and Ireland that was founded on the assets of the former company Maplin Electronic Supplies, which was in operation from 1972 to 2018. Prior to 2018, the original Maplin company offered a comprehensive online, phone, and mail order service. There were 217 Maplin stores in June 2017. Maplin is now fully online. Roger Allen, Sandra Allen, and Doug Simmons founded Maplin Electronic Supplies as a mail-order company in 1972.

Despite a slow start and dwindling profit in the first year, the company began to build a reputation for high-quality electronic components delivered by first-class mail exactly as shown in the catalogue.

Maplin carries a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment, including audio/visual devices, components, computer devices and peripherals, cables, television and satellite equipment, and everyday electrical items like batteries and light bulbs.

Electronic products from Maplincan be purchased directly from the company's website.

Check Maplin sales and their Maplin catalogue online on their official website  or you can compare the Maplin Sales with the other Electronics and similar include the following Currys PC World.

Maplin: Discover, Clear Advice & Inspire


Boost your game by making your plans a reality with Maplin's extensive range of home equipment, tools, electrical, and other products.

Maplin will never let you down, whether you're looking to improve household security, adjusting cables or needing bolts for your new furniture, or perhaps upgrading those speakers for your home entertainment system.

Popular Categories:

  • Smart Living (Wearables, Smart Heating & Coolers, Smart Hubs & Speaker and more)
  • Security & CCTV (Surveillance Cameras, Baby Monitors, Safes & Locks and more) 
  • Audio & Vision (Headphones, Projectors, DJ, Stage & Studio and more) 
  • Computing & Gaming (Networking, External Drives, Gaming Chairs and more)
  • Home & Office (Hard Drives, Webcams, Routers & Hotspots and more) 
  • Hobbyist (Telescopes, Binoculars, Instant Cameras and more). 

Customers can also save a lot of money if they have Maplin voucher codes because they can get these items at a much lower price.

Maplin customers can always find the latest Maplin Sales in all the product categories with their catalogue Maplin - Offers.

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