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B&M is a British variety store that is known under a couple of different names – B&M Bargains and B&M Homestore. There is a very large catalogue of items that you can purchase from B&M and it is one of the reasons why they have so many loyal customers. There are always different B&M sales so chances are you will be able to find something you love. 

You can browse the current B&M Offers from the 25/05/2024 and browse the B&M online sale this week here. They always have something different on sale, so if an item you are wanting is not on special, then it could be soon. Their B&M catalogue is displayed in digital format, so you are able to access them on the go on any device, and it is good for the environment.

If you love the B&M sales, you can view their offers and deals in the current B&M leaflet called “B&M - Offers” and get extra B&M deals by visiting their official website and shopping in-store.

B&M - Billington & Mayman


B&M was founded in 1978 by Malcolm Billington, and the original name was Billington & Mayman, before being shortened to the B&M that we all know and love now. The first store was opened in Cleveleys, England and since then they have grown to having over 650 stores in the UK. Stores are typically open from 8am until 8pm Mondays through to Saturdays, and from 11am until 5pm on Sundays. If you are wanting to find one of their stores, they are located at the following locations: Glasgow, London, Manchester, Kent and more.

One thing that makes B&M unique to many other similar stores is that they do not allow you to shop online. Their website showcases all of their products; however, it is only for browsing purposes. So you can look online and make a list of what you will purchase in store. Some items such as the grocery department are available for curbside pickup, so you can order ahead and pick your items up. Those who love shopping around for deals can compare the B&M sales with the other Groceries, and similar stores include the following: Aldi, Tesco, Lidl, Booker Wholesale, Sainsbury's, Bestway, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Spar.

B&M Catalogue With Offers


B&M is truly a variety store, it sells a wade array or products in many categories including:

  • Home, garden, furniture, and décor
  • Electrical appliances
  • Games for kids of all ages
  • Pet products
  • Food, drink, health, and beauty
  • Sport, leisure, and clothing for the whole family.

There are a variety of different brands sold, and although B&M do not have their own branded items, the ones they do carry are all high quality and affordable.

Check out the latest B&M sales with their catalogue called B&M - Offers to find out the daily deals as well as the special B&M deals. There is always something new on offer and at a great price, no matter whether you are purchasing a gift for yourself or something for the home and garden.

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