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Oriflame is a cosmetics and personal care company that primarily sells cosmetics and personal care products. Skincare, Cosmetics, and Fragrances are the main product categories you can find in Oriflame Catalogue. 

Oriflame makes certain that customers receive flyers containing all of the deals and discounts before any other chain. Make sure you don't miss out on any of the seasonally offers available Oriflame flyers.

You can browse Oriflame Offers Online from the 18/05/2022 and check out Oriflame catalogue Online here.

Oriflame: Share your Passion for Beauty


Oriflame was founded in 1967 in Sweden by the brothers Jonas and Robert Jochnick and Bengt Hellsten. Oriflame is a Direct Selling Company that sells beauty products in over 60 countries, including Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Finland and others.

Oriflame's headquarters are in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Their stores can be found throughout the United Kingdom, including London, Stratford, and Loughborough. As a direct selling company, Oriflame stores are open 24 hours. 

Additionally, Oriflame also offers a chance to the customers to become aBrand Partner, for more information all interested can visit their local Oriflame. 

Check Oriflame Sales and their Catalogue Online on their official website or you can compare the Oriflame Offers with the other Health & Beauty and similar include the following AVON, Boots, MAC Cosmetics, Savers and Superdrug.

Oriflame: Beauty Products


The Oriflame catalogue has a wide range of products categories and also provide the customer with the possibility to choose between different brands. 

At Oriflame, you can find product categories such as:

  • Make-up 
  • Shampoos
  • Fragrances 
  • Wellness

Also, at Oriflame Catalogue you can find the most iconic brands in Wellness, Skincare, Colour cosmetics and Personal care such as:

  • NovAge
  • The One
  • Beautanicals and more. 

Oriflame was among the first companies in the world to develop cosmetics based on natural extracts such as birch sap extract – decades before other companies did. In fact, all of their extracts are derived from nature, and every ingredient they use is subjected to their stringent Eco-Ethical Screening to determine product quality, safety, and source.

Customers can always find the latest Oriflame Sales and Offersin all the product categories with their Oriflame Catalogue Oriflame - Catalogue 08.

Oriflame: Sign your style with Kimbino

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Oriflame is dedicated to doing what is good for both people and the environment by using natural ingredients in its products and never testing them on animals

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