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Tesco is the UK's biggest supermarket chain, and it is also one of the most loved and recognisable stores. You can always find great new Tesco offers whether you shop in-store or like the appeal of shopping from the comfort of your own home, which you can do by visiting their website. You can browse the current Tesco offers this week with their latest leaflet from the 10/07/2024 and browse all the Tesco sales here.

Tesco offers more than just quality groceries at a great price, they have a broad range of products, many of which are often on sale. If like so many, you love the different Tesco deals, you can check out the curret brochure called Tesco - Offers.

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Tesco is the largest supermarket retailer in the UK, and they are also the third-largest retailer in the world. You can find Tesco stores throughout Europe and Asia, with over 7000 stores worldwide and nearly 4,000 in the UK alone. Tesco was founded in London in 1919 by businessman Jack Cohen and expanded regularly until they are the supermarket giant that we all recognise today. Tesco is well known for its slogan, ‘Every Little Helps’ because they understand that even something seemingly small like a special Tesco deal can help a family. Some stores are open 24 hours, and others will typically open from 7 am until 10 pm. If you are wanting to find one of their stores, they are located at the following locations London, Bristol, York, Liverpool, Derby and more.

You can shop in-store or select ‘click and collect’, where your groceries will be bagged for you by a staff member for you to pick up. Tesco has a famous Clubcard loyalty scheme where you will collect points for every £1 spent and have access to exclusive discounts. You can find out more and browse the amazing Tesco Offers on their official website (UK). Those who love shopping around for deals can compare the Tesco deals this week with the other Groceries, and similar stores include the following: Aldi, Lidl, Booker Wholesale, Sainsbury's, Bestway, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons, B&M and Spar.

At Tesco you will find a wide selection of products


Tesco is a large grocery retail so they sell all the well-known brands that you can expect to find in a store of its size. There are many different items that Tesco offers besides food and pantry staples – many stores also stock other non-essential items such as homewares, appliances, and clothing. Even if your local store does not carry these items, they can also be shopped online. You can find out more and check out the latest Tesco offers with their catalogue Tesco - Offers. 

Tesco carries all the popular and common grocery brands, and you can also get extra Tesco offers with their own personal brands. The brands exclusive to Tesco include:

  • Grower’s Harvest – Fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Stockwell & Co – All the staples for your pantry such as pasta, beans and baking ingredients.
  • Ms Molly’s – Sweet treats including packaged biscuits and chocolates. 
  • Creamfields – Dairy products including milk, cheese and yoghurt.

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