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Easter is just around the corner and you can join in the fun of the easter holidays with themed deals and offers from different stores all around the country. Easter is a big religious holiday for many people and is celebrated nationwide in different ways. Whether you are religious and give thanks on Good Friday, or prefer to simply spend time with your family, Easter is a special time for many. Easter approaching also means the beginning of spring, and this means that there are special spring offers in many of your favourite stores. No matter how you celebrate Easter, there will be something for your family – from painting easter eggs to an easter egg hunt and even the traditional huge Easter family lunch.

All your favourite stores are joining in the spring festivities by offering special Easter deals and offers. If you are looking for inspiration about how best to celebrate, then you can check out the leaflet which has many ideas for all families and celebration types. Browse the current promotional leaflet of your favorite store and its competitors and get ready – Easter and spring is just around the corner, and fun is to be had by all!

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Easter attractions from around the world

  • Easter attractions from around the world
    During Easter, people in the UK spend 10% of what they do on a whole year on chocolate products. The most sweets are sold here every year.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    Americans send out about 43 million Easter greetings to their family and friends each year - whether purchased or handmade.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    Residents of Bermuda fly hand-made kites every year on Good Friday.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    In Finland, children disguise themselves as witches and then walk the streets asking passers-by for eggs.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    In Israel, where Jesus was allegedly crucified, people traditionally march on the same path that Jesus took on the day of the crucifixion.
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