Almost all UK customers know Londis, which is a market leader thanks to its strong product range. The Londis product range is wide-ranging and everything is on offer at attractively low prices, too. It's no secret that Londis introduces new offers on a frequent basis. Want to get involved? See here for new deals valid from 11/04/2021. Take a look at comparable prices in these shops Aldi, Asda, B&M, Bestway, Costco, Filco, Iceland, Lidl, Makro, McColl's, which are the main competitors of Londis.

The official store website, at, will have all the customer information about specific items and more, so make sure you check it out.

The benefits of with Kimbino include the fact that we organise everything for you so you can find deals easily – and the online leaflets are available to you wherever you go, as long as you have your phone. So you'll never find yourself in a Londis store without an offer to hand! You're doing your bit for the environment when you look for Londis offers online, rather than contribute to waste by looking at paper leaflets.

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